A Bird, a Birthday, and Store-bought Cake


A few days ago this little bird started tapping on the front door.  It tap tap taps and then flies up and tries to throw itself at the window.  I closed the front door, and still it attempts to get in.  I think it sees itself in the reflection.  Today I saw him (or her) again, puffing up his chest as if to impress his supposed reflection.


I ordered some door stickers from a pet supply store to try to stop this poor little thing from hurting itself.


Since the warm weather settled in I have noticed the yard shedding its winter coat.   The birds have been here in droves, including my Mallard duck couple.  The bulbs are coming up and the trees are starting to show green shoots of leaves.  It’s really and truly Spring now and the earth is coming alive again.


Yesterday was my birthday.  I was born in New England during a snowstorm.  I don’t celebrate birthdays the same way as when I was younger.   My daughter thinks I should live it up and celebrate with a party or a night on the town with friends.  It just feels different.   I don’t anticipate gifts or cake.  My husband is not much of a gift giver so I’ve gotten into the habit of buying myself “presents” when I want them.   He doesn’t bake either so I get a supermarket cake or nothing at all.

This year, in spite of the daily example of my healthy eating habits and aversion to anything processed,  what did my darling spouse serve me after our Japanese birthday meal?  Supermarket cake with sugary frosting . . . you guessed it.  I don’t have anything against sweet desserts, but if I am going to risk the calories, the fat, and the sugar, I want it made with high quality ingredients.  Yes my husband reads this blog.  This is a not so subtle hint for next year, dearest one!

My birthday serves as a gentle reminder that I have lived another year and remain in good health to face the coming one.  It gives me a chance to reflect back on what I have accomplished, and  to consider  opportunities that may await me.   Rather than bemoaning the fact  that I have one less year to live, it allows me to embrace the unknown with a whole heart and open arms.


As my life gets simpler, I find pleasure in simple things:  my backyard, my neighborhood, my community.   Having dogs, we have met virtually every dog  and dog owner in the area.  We know the postman and the barber and the librarian by name.   I belong to a stitching group that meets at the library, and worked with the local library to help re-energize the book group.  Our new circle of friends includes neighbors, towns people, and colleagues in the volunteer organization we work with.

I have to say that I love the small town lifestyle.  I grew up in a small town and couldn’t wait to leave.  Now I have come full circle.  As I celebrate my first birthday here I am looking  over the horizon literally and figuratively in eager anticipation.  What will the next year bring?  How will I use my time and what good can I bring with my efforts?  What will I learn and how will I use this new knowledge?  I hope you will stick with me to find out.


One thought on “A Bird, a Birthday, and Store-bought Cake

  1. So happy for you that you seem to be finding a wonderful new part of your life in your new home. Happy Birthday. When I had parakeet pets I had birds come to the house and tap on the window trying to get in and visit with them. Perhaps the past owner had pet birds. I remember one year when I lived in Ithaca, there was an evening grosbeak that ran into the window and fell down. He was clearly somewhat knocked out. I took out a little dish of water and sat down by him to protect him from predators (I had a red tailed hawk that frequented my property) without touching him. He began walking around a little and drank some water. In about an hour he flew off. I believe I spotted him later in a tree nearby a couple of days later. I got some of those stickers and no birds hit the window again.


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