The Ducks Return . . . and a Cardinal


The pond in front of our house is a big draw for local birds.   We have a lot of trees, especially around the pond.  Since the weather got warmer it has been a virtual menagerie of wildlife.   Not only have a pair of mallard ducks made the pond their second home, but other birds enjoy it as well.  This cardinal and her mate come regularly.  The male likes to sit in the tree.  I haven’t been able to get him to stay there long enough for a photo, but I’ll keep trying.


Here she is taking a drink.


The Mallard ducks returned yesterday morning for a swim in the pond.  I couldn’t get that close, but fortunately I have a telephoto lens.



In the picture below of the female, you can see a glimpse of a teal colored feather just under the wing.


The male duck was not as cooperative as the female, who strutted and posed.


He kept turning his back to me and wouldn’t stay still. I watched him plunge into the pond and splash, then preen as he cleaned his feathers.






He surveyed his environment and then got back in for another swim.

Then it started to rain.  They tolerated some gentle raindrops and then took flight and left for wherever they hang their hats.


This  morning the female came back by herself.  She swam for a while on the pond and started quacking.  We thought she was calling for her mate to join her.   After a while she gave up and flew off.  He is not a very obedient husband!


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