I guess this is the place where I talk about who I am and why I am starting a blog.  I was a child in a time when you had to get up to change the channel on the TV, and my mother let me go out and play by myself and let me walk to school.  I wrote letters to my relatives and long distance phone calls were rare and brief.  Those days are over.   And . . . here is my big “TA DAH” moment . . . I recently retired from a full career with the government and I am not going to spend it slogging away at another job, or wasting it away and then wake up one day and wonder what I did all those years.  I have a goal to stay healthy and active and to keep fully engaged.  With what?  That’s the journey.  I have so many things I want to do and feel, like playing the piano again and getting back on the road with my bike.  And there are other things, like travel and classes and different kinds of work, and making new friends and trying out things.  Let’s start now with our feet facing forward and our minds open to whatever may come across the path.

You might ask, what does “Explorations in place” mean?   Does it mean that I am ready to explore, that the explorations are already in place, or does it mean that I will be exploring without leaving the house, “in place”?  Or, does it mean something else entirely.  I will start with that question.  What does it mean to you?



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Perhaps it means that you are exploring the concept of “place”, maybe in the sense of your new “place”, or phase, in life? Or exploring your new “place” geographically, the new and foreign environment you find yourself in?


  2. It seems you’re exploring ‘place’ in the space of the blogosphere, too. I’ve just now begun to ‘explore’ some ‘followers’ blogs like your own and am happy to find another who remembers the whole get-up-and-change-the-channel thing. 😉

    BTW- for your consideration: I nominated you for a fun 3days/3quotes challenge. Info here on my blog post http://laurabrunolilly.com/day-two-goofy-three-quotes-three-days/

    No pressure, but, sometimes it’s fun to take a break on the crafting of ‘perfect’ blog posts!

    take care


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