Peaceful places

Lily pads in the pond

Lily pads in the pond

Today is Friday and I was thinking about peaceful places.   Sitting at home with nowhere to go is peaceful.  Being outside with a breeze through the trees is peaceful.  Sitting down to dinner with a home cooked meal that is also healthy is peaceful.  What about all those other annoying tasks you have to do that can impinge on your peace?   How about paying bills or washing dishes or  picking up dog poop.  Ok, that’s kind of a gross image, but you know what I mean, if they do it you have to scoop it.  We all find different things peaceful.  For example, I find pulling weeds relaxing. Continue reading


Greetings from Pennsylvania!

This is my first post.  I left the rat race in Washington, D.C. working for the government and am now living in a small town in eastern Pennsylvania.   I call it Explorations in Place because I intend to spend my time from here on in learning and experiencing life in new and different ways.  I hope you can join me on my journey.  At times I will stay at home, and other times I will travel, near and far.  New ideas and positive thoughts are encouraged.  No stress allowed.

Welcome my friends.