A Bird, a Birthday, and Store-bought Cake


A few days ago this little bird started tapping on the front door.  It tap tap taps and then flies up and tries to throw itself at the window.  I closed the front door, and still it attempts to get in.  I think it sees itself in the reflection.  Today I saw him (or her) again, puffing up his chest as if to impress his supposed reflection. Continue reading


The Ducks Return . . . and a Cardinal


The pond in front of our house is a big draw for local birds.   We have a lot of trees, especially around the pond.  Since the weather got warmer it has been a virtual menagerie of wildlife.   Not only have a pair of mallard ducks made the pond their second home, but other birds enjoy it as well.  This cardinal and her mate come regularly.  The male likes to sit in the tree.  I haven’t been able to get him to stay there long enough for a photo, but I’ll keep trying. Continue reading

Birds on the pond





The temperatures hit 80 today in southeastern Pennsylvania.   Barkley stood at the door this afternoon and barked and barked and barked.  What’s going on?  I went to the door and saw this bird sitting in the grass by the side of the pond.  Is she nesting?    Five  minutes later she flew away. Continue reading