Birds on the pond





The temperatures hit 80 today in southeastern Pennsylvania.   Barkley stood at the door this afternoon and barked and barked and barked.  What’s going on?  I went to the door and saw this bird sitting in the grass by the side of the pond.  Is she nesting?    Five  minutes later she flew away.


A few days ago this duck turned up on the pond.  The picture isn’t great because it’s taken through a door.




A second duck was hanging out with the first.  They arrived together, swam together, and flew off together.  Not knowing much about ducks, I’m assuming that they are a mating couple.  If they are anything like other birds, the colorful one is the male and the duller one the female.   IMG_3686






Here they are together.   If we are very patient we may see some baby ducks in the future.IMG_3686


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