Digging out: the day after


The view from the garage.

On Sunday we woke up to a cacophony of snow blowers.  It was our neighbors clearing their driveways.    It seemed like everyone had a snow blower.  Larry went out to join them and try to get us out.  It was trial by fire for the poor machine, first time out in the snow with the challenge of two feet to move and our long driveway.  I started by digging a path from the door to the driveway.

Then Larry headed out with the snow blower.


After an hour he stopped to have a beer with some of the neighbors.

The whole cleanup took us three hours plus.    I came in for a rest and to make sure the dogs weren’t getting into trouble.  My job was to work on the edges and expose the surface of the driveway so the sun could do the rest.  In the back I cleared out a larger area for the dogs in the yard.

What a difference a day made.  The sun was out.


The birds came back to enjoy their meal without the wind.


And to relax in the trees.



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