Iceland: views from the road and a museum that honors a body part


I promised I was not going to try to duplicate the professional travel books that have photos and information about  visiting Iceland.   Having said that, I do want to share some of the more awe inspiring and unique sights and experiences we had.   Full disclosure:  at the end is something that is probably not suitable for children.   So, if there are any  young children here that you don’t want to explain this to, time to turn the page and move on.


Iceland is blessed with geo-thermal resources that mean all its heat comes from the earth, and some electricity besides.  It has geysers (pronounced gee-zers) and hot springs and waterfalls.  While visiting the famous Geyser, the mother of all geysers, we came across this Icelandic model at a photo shoot with the steam of the hot spots as a backdrop.  She was wearing heavy army boots to protect her feet from getting burned from the extreme heat coming from the earth.  The water is boiling it’s so hot.


We visited the “bridge between continents” where the two continental plates meet.


And, the waterfalls . . . wide . . .


.  .  .  and tall.




Iceland sits on volcanic rock.  Some parts of the country look like the moon, or a scene from The Lord of the Rings.  Just when we thought we had seen everything, we were surprised by something different.

The one thing we saw everywhere was rocky landscapes.






We ended our trip in Reykjavik.   It isn’t a big city and you can get most places on foot.  We stayed in a central location and saw a lot in a 24 hour period.


Icelanders have a sweet tooth, and they like their coca-cola.


Please don’t eat the whales!

Iceland has come under a lot of international pressure to stop its whaling industry.  Environmental groups work hard to discourage tourists from eating them.  We were happy to support the effort.


Finally,  a sign for the famous Reykjavik penis museum.   This is not, I repeat, not, a sex museum.  At least that is what I was told.  It is a museum of penises from various animals, including, I believe, humans.   I can’t vouch for this personally because it did not rise to our top three must see places.  I doubt you will see this anywhere else in the world, and the sign confirms this.


And lastly, another brilliant view.  No words necessary.



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