First snow of winter 2016


The pond frozen over with a dusting of fresh snow.

A few days ago we had our first snow.  It started with a blustery wind and chunks of snow that blew around the yard.  About half an hour later it was over.  The few flakes had already melted as the temperature rose to the high 30s.  We went to the gym, we fed the dogs, and I settled down at the table with my computer, answering and writing emails.    I had sent a number of emails to friends the day but some of them had not arrived . . . gremlins at work, so I was trying to reconstruct them.

Then it happened.  Shiloh was sitting by the deck door, staring intently out at the desk.  I looked up and saw it.  The first snow was coming down in big, white , thick chunks.  And it was sticking.  At last winter had shown its face.

My husband took out the directions for the snowblower just in case.  With the half inch we received I don’t think we need it yet.

And the scene at night.




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