A geological tour of Iceland



Here is another guest blog from my husband, Larry.  When we got back from Iceland he said he wanted to write about the geology of the country.  His post is below:

Marla and I have been asked about our recent trip to Iceland.   In an earlier post, my wonderful wife described some of the dining and lodging we enjoyed.  I am going to talk about Iceland’s incredible geology.   When visiting Iceland, it is impossible to ignore the country’s dramatic vistas and unusual geologic formations.    Even the non-geological-minded cannot help to be impressed. Continue reading

The Big Dig: A drill, a trench and four holes

The big dig begins.

The big dig begins.

Early last week the crew arrived with a drill and set up in my front yard to drill two big holes.   You need 640 feet of hole in the ground for a geothermal system.   This is one more step in our quest for energy neutrality.   Despite having one of the largest houses on the block, we should soon have one of the smallest utility bills.   Continue reading