. . . and beetles, oh my!


In my delight at my vegetable garden success I forgot that when you have a garden you also have some uninvited guests.  These are known as pests.  I put up a fence around the garden to keep the four legged ones out, but it’s impossible to keep out the insects.   Recently I noticed that I have Japanese beetles feasting on the green bean foliage.  At first this didn’t bother me, but lately they have been gobbling up a lot of leaves.  So, I went into action. Continue reading

Garden Setup: building the beds and planting the vegetables


Earlier this month I blogged about starting a garden.  I planted seeds and watched them carefully, hoping they would grow and thrive to later be planted outside.  Last week I had two of the three raised beds put in the backyard.  The third bed will be installed this week.   Continue reading