From barns to birdhouses

IMG_1627This is Jack Jones.  He spent a career as a logistics manager in the corporate world.  Now he buys the useful bits of old Pennsylvania barns and houses and makes one of a kind birdhouses.  We met him a few weeks ago and bought the birdhouse he is holding on the left in the picture above.   It has a glass doorknob from a Victorian era home. Continue reading


Pieces of cloth: The Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza


I haven’t been blogging lately.  A lot has been going on so I have some catch up to do.  Two weeks ago I attended the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza that took place from Thursday to Sunday in Oaks, PA.   Oaks is the home of the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. My friend BJ is an expert quilter and she had two of her quilts accepted into this show.  Since I lived so close I said I would go and scope it out, and take pictures of her quilts.  By the way, one of them won a ribbon. Continue reading